Activated DEPROVISIONED user with okta api dotnet

I can Deactivate a User with “DeactivateUserAsync” in the sdk and set the user in “DEPROVISIONED”.
How do i reactivate e user with a “DEPROVISIONED” stage?
Because “ReactivateUserAsync” is only with a user with a ‘PROVISIONED’ status.


You would need to activate the user again.

This operation can only be performed on users with a STAGED or DEPROVISIONED status. 
Activation of a user is an asynchronous operation.

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I am using DOTNET SDK and reactive is only on PROVISIONED status and activate is only on a STAGED status…

must i not use the sdk to get the result that i want?

I tend go off of our API docs before the SDK doc.

  • Have you tried it?
  • If so what was the result?

If you tried ActivateUserAsync for a Deprovisioned user and it failed what version of the SDK are you using? I can test and verify.

I ma using the lastest version :

I end up calling the OKTA API mysself with a httpClient.PostAsync.

Well at the time i am sure i did testing it. I tried again and it is working! This is my bad… You should update the SDK doc ^^ :slight_smile:


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