Active directory how get OKTA group in AD when i create user from AD


I Want to Import my group from OKTA to Active Directory in order to create my users from Active Directory and Assign group directly to OKTA thank you !
I want to have the possibility to select the group “OKTA” when i create my user in active directory .
How i can add the OKTA group in Ad ?

Thank you for your help !

I think you need to enable provisioning features and push groups. If you create group Okta in AD and then import it, by assigning a user in Okta to this group, it will push the membership info into AD (assuming you have push groups enabled and configured) -

Try it first on non-prod AD, to avoid any mess. Be aware that Okta can override AD information, so when you push group, you better have the latest information in Okta about that group members in AD, otherwise you may loose some members. I guess periodic import may help with that.