Adding an app using OpenID connect

Some of our clients have requested an implementation of Okta into our own web app. As configuring a oauth2 app for each of these clients is not the best solution I was looking at adding ourselves to the OAN.

Looking at other apps. I think we need to provide our customers a unique URL segment, they can configure in Okta when enabling the app. Once done, they can redirect to our app where we confirm their identity and scopes.

Now I have created an application in the development dashboard, selected OpenID, but there is no way to configure a route only a callback url. Could someone point me to the next steps of implementation?

Thank you. :grin:

Our stack uses PHP if that matters.

OpenID Connect is not the best way to integrate with the OAN, right now the best protocol is SAML. To give you full visibility, OIDC is not supported because the client id for your application is not publically available across all Okta organizations (which is important for OAN). You will need to SAML-enable your PHP application. If you need any help with this, definitely reach out to

Thank you Tom, I will take a look at the SAML implementation and reach out to you guys when getting stuck.