Adding Group To idToken

Folks, I’m following the guide here Add a Groups claim for the Org Authorization Server | Okta Developer
I’m trying to include any Okta-mastered user groups an user is assigned to as part of the idToken of an OIDC implicit workflow.

I have yet to be able to replicate the results in that page. My application settings are as required by the guide as are the scopes, claims, etc. to no avail. The JWT token does not contain group information at all. Interrogating the /userinfo endpoint with the access token doesn’t retrieve any meaningful information either.

@rdodev Did you test in token preview after configure the custom claims?
Is there a screenshot for the customized claim setting?

I’m not sure what you’re asking for. I’m using JSON Web Tokens - to see the contents of the response idToken and everything looks good, except no groups.

@Lijia I believe I found the issue and solution here Okta Help Center (Lightning)

And here No 'groups' scope in the console for the default Authorisation Server

@rdodev Great. I was asking for the configuration of your claims in the auth server. I believe you just mis-configured the settings. I’ll close this topic.

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