Adding more emails template

How can I add more email templates?

And I can use the API to get the template later?

You can create or list all email templates using the Brands API

Is this the only way to create a new template?

You can also do so within the UI: Customizations → Brands → {{Your Brand}} → Emails → {{Email template you want to customizize}}

It seams that we are having a miscommunication problem here. I need additional templates, the ones that already exists don’t fulfill my needs, also it would be great if I could add them using the web UI.

What types of templates are we talking about creating? Are they functionally different than the ones listed, in that they are sent under different scenarios?

Yes, they’re meant to be send in different scenarios. Like if a user has been deactivated or deleted they’ll receive a email. That would be send by a outside python script, to control when and who to send.
So basically I need to add more templates to use in the specific cases that a email will be send.

Additional email templates like this are not supported, at least not if you want them to be sent by Okta. You can however look into using Event Hooks or Workflows for this use case. In both cases, your webhook endpoint or workflow will receive a request based on a specific event occurring in Okta, which you can then use to trigger any logic you require, such as sending an email.

Event Hooks:

  • You can see what events are eligible for Event Hooks by checking this list of Event Types that are tagged event-hook-eligible.
  • If you want to look for user deactivation events, you will configure your Event Hook for user.lifecycle.deactivate, and for delete, you can use user.lifecycle.delete.initiated (the related user.lifecycle.delete.completed does not look to be hookable)


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