Am I correct?: It is not possible to customize the activation email?

I’d like to not have to build my own email delivery system but I also don’t want the Okta brand to appear before my own customers. The documentation says I have limited ability to customize SMS templates and implies I can’t customize email templates.

Please advise: Is it possible to customize emails? Activation emails, in particular?


Hi @RayRenteria.
You can customize the Activation Email via UI.

The Email customization is not listed on the documentation you’re referring because the Templates API supports only modifying SMS templates.

You can find more info about Email customization here:


Wait. How in the world did I miss that? It was RIGHT THERE!

I was poring through the docs when it was just staring me in the face. Sheesh.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious. :man_facepalming:


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The documentation still says you can’t do it… but this is a lie.

The Okta terraform provider has been doing it for over a year.