Email template edit

Okta provides features to edit email templates. But I am unable to edit the email template. It says the template edit feature is paid only. After reaching the pricing page and trying to create a paid account, that page redirects me to the Auth0 page for authentication. After creating an account on that page, it will give a new dashboard (Aauth0 dashboard). Now, I am confused about how to edit the Okta email template using this new Auth0 account.


  1. Unable to edit email template
  2. Pricing page redirects to oauth page to create new account
  3. How to edit okta email template using oauth account.

Are you using an Okta Free Trial (WIC or CIS) or Free Developer (CIS) org? Or are you trying to use Auth0 (CIC)?

@andrea Currently I am using Free developer (CIS) account.

The ability to customize email templates is not supported in Free Trial or Developer orgs to prevent against malicious actors. If/once you have a paid org, you will have the ability to customize emails.

If you are looking to get a paid org, I’d recommend reaching out to our sales team: Contact Sales