Unable to Edit Email Templates with Upgraded Account

Hello Everyone!

I have upgraded to a paid Okta Developer account today in hopes that I would be able to edit the email templates that are sent out to end users.

For some reason the “Edit” button is still grayed out and when I hover over it it says “to edit a translation you must upgrade to a paid version of Okta”

It allows me to click the “Edit” button and it allows me to edit the template html but when I click save, it doesn’t do anything. Then, when I click save again it says that there is already a custom email template for that language. I hit cancel and it never updates.

Finally, there isn’t a “send test email” button either that I have seen referenced in documentation.

Am I missing something? or does it just take more time for my Okta account to become a fully upgraded account?


I have the same problem. Is there any update on this?