Email customization is disabled for a paid plan

I have just upgraded to a paid plan in order to be able to customize emails. Frankly, I don’t understand why the emails display the Okta logo if the app has its own, to begin with. Anyway, I’ve upgraded to change those email templates, but the Edit button is still disabled, with the hover text “this is a paid feature, blah blah blah”. While this is getting resolved (hopefully) I’m evaluating Auth0 as an alternative.

I would suggest reaching out to Okta support and have them review the features enabled for your org.

I have a case 01018648 assigned to Wallace Cima. No updates so far.

I was experiencing this issue about a week ago. Call Okta Support or open a case and ask them to check if the feature flag “Free trial phishing warning” is enabled. If it is, have them disable it. This is not something you’re able to configure from your side so you’ll have to reach out for support. Once the flag was disabled, we were able to configure email templates again.

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