How is the activation token used?

Here’s my use case:

1- An admin of our web app wants to add 1 or more new users, using their email, firstname, lastname
2- The new users are added to Okta with the Create User without Credentials flow
3- Each new users should receive an email (could come from our backend or templated from Okta) inviting them to complete their account creation by clicking on a link in the email that forwards them to a page that has the same UX as the rest of our web app where they can choose a password, recovery question, etc. and then activate their account

Is this possible? We do not want to send users to Okta’s /welcome page since it cannot be modified to suit our needs.

According to the docs (

  • If sendEmail is false , returns an activation link for the user to set up their account. The activation token can be used to create a custom activation link.

What does a custom activation link looks like, and how does it use the activation token?

Eric P.

The example response for this call will give you an idea of what the activation link returned will look like. Note that it will match the url that would have been used in the activation email had sendEmail been set to true and is designed to send the user back to Okta to complete account activation.

You may want to take a look at the following threads that address hosting your own site for user activation:

Thanks for the response. The threads you provided don’t quite answer my question.
Let me rephrase my question.

For an admin-created user account without a password ( * Create User without Credentials flow), is it possible for that user to choose their own password and possibly fill-in custom fields without having to use this okta-provided page?

We would like to use our own page that better matches our UX experience, rather than the page above.


At this time, there is no way to customize the welcome screen in the way you have described and would require a feature request to have this functionality added. Such requests can be filed at

Thanks for the answer Andreas

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