Activation flow -> user redirect

when i create a user with api without password and with activate set to false the user receive an “activation email” with a button “activate” that redirect to something similar to this
Here the user see a form and on completition is redirected to user page
Can i set a custom redirect page instead of this last one? If yes, how can i do this?

I believe that

  1. as an admin, you need to modify the email template for the forgot password email to point to your custom page and on the custom page URL set a parameter with the value recovery token . (e.g. Hey, you forgot your pwd? Go to${recoveryToken} to re-enter!! )

  2. If you are using the Okta widget, on your custom page add Javascript to recognize the recoveryToken parameter and add to the widget’s configuration a field named ‘recoveryToken’ with a value of the supplied parameter. When the widget is displayed, then it should be brought up with the appropriate workflow.

This probably works perfectly in recovery password workflow, but what about activation?
In this workflow user must insert also security question and select security image.

Thanks again for your support,
I’ll wait for your reply :slight_smile: