Redirect to Login or Application After Activation


How do you configure activation to redirect either to login or back to your application after successfully activating a user account from the email? I don’t see any ability to configure the flow or functionality?

Custom Activation Flow : What's the best practice?

I also need to redirect a user after successful activation. Can someone help with this?


We have some APIs in development that will help with this.

In the meantime, you will need to modify the email template to point to your application, handle the activation token and issue a 302 redirect by hand.

The API call is below:


I’m also in need of this functionality. @tom any progress on the API changes for this?


Has this functionality been added? Is there any way to use an additional parameter like redirectURL or fromURI added to ${activationLink} ?


Just want to add my vote of interest on this one, too.


This is getting a lot of heat. Let me talk about how you can do this today. I should have put this information in here before, I left out the information on what you need to do to the email.

There is another email macro you can use, I think y’all are aware of ${activationLink}, there is also ${activationToken}.

With this, you can modify the activation email to point to your own application:${activationToken}

After your application gets the token, you can activate the user by an API call.

From here, you can get the sessionToken and exchange it for an id_token and/or access_token as normal using the authorization route:

Let me know any questions about this, we are still working on pulling our email verification and activation APIs so they can work correctly for OIDC flows. This is the workaround we have for now

Custom Activation Flow : What's the best practice?

I’m assuming then we need to provide the welcome flow so that user can set a password, security question, etc?


Or collect that information upfront when you create the user:


This is exactly the thing we were trying to avoid building and why we signed up with okta.