How to redirect to custom App login page after user activation email

Hi Team,

I want to redirect to my custom App end point after email verification. i.e., after user activation email link.
I think after email activation we need to set redirect uri.
I have tried online resources but no luck nothing worked for me.

Can someone help me out.

Aditya Nirmala


Are these users registering by going to your Okta domain directly or are you using Okta’s self-service registration feature?

You can use the fromUri query parameter to redirect the user after both activation and password reset. You will need to:

  • Update the email template which is sent to the user to include the fromUri parameter in the activation link so it would look like: ${activationLink}?fromURI=
  • Add the redirect uri to your trusted origins in OKTA under security -> API -> Trusted Origin -> Add Origin

This reply has more information: Redirect to Login or Application After Activation

Hope this helps.

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@warren, its going through email activation link which is generated by Octa on sign up.

@David_McNee , thanks friend it worked. kudoos

@David_McNee, any thoughts on how the user activation email template would work if there are different applications and each one has its own domain which points to its unique login page? Is there a way to pass different bookmarks to the href="${activationLink}?fromURI ? Thank you.

Thanks, this is a quick and easy solution that worked for me. Cheers!

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