How to redirect users to custom (per app) web page after ACTIVATION w/ Okta email template


Any thoughts on how to redirect users to a custom (per app) application when using the Okta email template? I have one idea to run by you – when I create the user, can I set a custom attribute like “defaultURI” and then have that populate in the activation email template?

Like this?

<a href="${activationLink}/redirectURI=${user.defaultURI}" id="reset-password-link" style="text-decoration:none">

[EDIT] Of course, this doesn’t work because you can’t use arbitrary user profile attributes in email templates. Only a small subset are allowed.

Hi @chu123
Have you taken a look at this thread?

Might be helpful.

any thoughts on how the user activation email template would work if there are different applications living under the same Okta tenant and each one has its own domain which points to its unique login page? Is there a way to pass different bookmarks to the href="${activationLink}?fromURI ? Thank you.