Custom Redirect after Email Verification


We are using Okta-hosted sign-in widget to log our users in and for SSR.

We have disabled the User must verify email address to be activated option under Directory > Self-Service Registration which means the users are receiving Registration - Email Verification email after registration and not the Registration - Activation.

The problem is when I try to append fromURI to ${registrationEmailVerificationLink}, it doesn’t work and the user still gets redirected to the previously configured redirect URL. We are aiming to show a custom “Thank you for verification” page. Is there any way we can configure this?

Hi @ozurek! I see a similar feature request here on our Okta Ideas Portal. Although this is not supported today, a workaround is to set a URL under Self-Service Registration → Post-registration section → Default redirect → Custom URL. I encourage you to vote on this request as well.