Self Service Registration

I enabled self service registration in the dashboard and I host my own custom login page. I would like to add the “Sign Up” link to it but can’t find how that link should be formed. What does the url need to look like?


Are you using the Okta Sign-In widget? If so, you have to turn on the feature as part of your configuration.

features: {
    registration: true

See for more info.

No I am using my own custom login page


Since the signup from is contained within the Sign-In Widget, you’d need to build your own form, then use one of our SDKs to handle creating the user. Are you using a particular language or framework?

I am using the Java sdk and the rest api.

Is there a way I can just send an prospect’s email and my token and have the email contain a link to an okta hosted sign up page?


Adding @bdemers to this thread since he wrote the code for the Java SDK.

I am trying to avoid building my own sign up page. If needed I can do it. But what is really valuable to me is that redirect custom url that avoids having the user land on the okta app dashboard page and confusing them.


@jacob when are you getting sent to the Okta app dashboard?

When a new user finishes the activation flow. It puts him on an okta hosted page with apps to choose from. I would rather them be redirected to my custom url (eg


After the new user registers?

Yes I think so


Right now I have 2 options in my code. Option 1 a user without credentials is created and they get an activation email. At the end of this flow they end up at the okta hosted page.

Option 2 a user with a password and sec question is created and they get a password reset email. At the end of this flow they end at the okta hosted page.


any suggestions @bdemers ?

Sorry for the delay @jacob,

I checked around a little, when email verification is enabled the user will be redirected (via the email link), back to the dashboard.

This is something we are working on improving @nate.barbettini, might be able to chime some additional info.

@jacob If you’re trying to change where they land after the email verification, here’s how I configured that:

  1. Go to Directory/Self-Service Registration in the Classic UI
  2. Under POST-REGISTRATION at the bottom, change the Default redirect to your Custom URL rather than the User dashboard.
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Any idea on how to do this without enabling Self-Service Registration? I have a B2B invite only SaaS and when I invite users they get the email and after they enter all their information they land on the Okta dashboard when they should be redirected back to my app.

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