How can I put a Sign Up/Register Link on a Sign In form?

I want to show users Sign Up/Register…the Sign in form doesnt have that Link…Can anyone please help here?Thanks

are you talking about Okta hosted page or your own widget?

I am talking about okta own widget…I just started experimenting with the sign in component but I do not see…sign up.I need new user ability to sign up or register…is this capability available?

Also i keep getting Sign in failed even after changing my password…can someone please help?

You need to enable self-registration under “Directory” menu. If it’s not there, you may need to ask support to enable it for you.

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I’m not able to login …I did request password change but with no reply

You should reach to Okta support, they can help you regain access to your org.

No one is responding

@Dankan Were you able to create a Support case with Okta ?