iOS :: Okta Sign In widget :: Are there any separate links for Forgot password & Registration for Okta ? Used the Okta Sign in widget iOS

Hi Okta Team,

Good Day !!

I am using the Okta Sign in widget for iOS platform, and enabled the self service registration for my app to show the registration link to users in the sign in page.

That works fine but actually we have a requirement in our app which says that, I have 3 buttons in my app login page ::

  1. Login
  2. Forgot Password
  3. Registration

So when user selects Forgot password/Registration expecting they need to go to Okta Forgot password page/Okta registration page directly. Is there any option to achieve this.

Can we have a different links for Forgot password and Registration separately so that I can use them in my app whenever required. I just want the customisation links for forgot password and Sign up please ?? Is there any scope of doing this to match my requirement.

Thanks in Advance.

Manasa P

@Manasa Hi, you may refer the api