No register link on login Widget

Hi all,
I created an agngular-cli app for logging some data. I implemented the Widget as described here:
Works fine so far.

Now i have read that the widget has no register link.
-> here

I have misunderstood, or is simply not mentioned.


ok, I found that I can configure that in the Service
features: {
registration: “true”

then I can redirect to some pages…
registration: {
click: function () {
window.location.href = ‘’;

but is there not some register ui or widget?

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We don’t have this functionality yet, but hope to soon!

Hi ,
Can you please share your code here? I’m having trouble to add on a registration link. I tried to overwrite the heloLinks but it doesn’t work either.

Hi @sharilyn, the README for the widget has been updated with registration information here:

Can you please take a look and let us know if it helps? Thanks!

Hi @robertjd -

The documentation states:

To add registration into your application, configure your Okta admin settings to allow users to self register into your app.

Seems like a straightforward instruction on its face, but I can’t find any documentation at all about how to do this.

Can you provide insight on how one can configure Okta to allow self-registration?

Hi @devmatt, this is a beta feature so you will need to contact support and ask them to enable it for your Org.