Custom Registration Form Angular and Okta Sign-on Widget

I am not sure if there is an option to utilize the Okta Login Widget and add a custom registration form.
It is very easy to utilize the Okta Login Widget in any Angular project. However, I need to use a custom registration form with conditional logic fields and once the user is registered redirect them to the Login Widget.
Is there any demos or documentation about how to redirect the user to a custom registration form from the Login Widget?

Thank You

Hi Rey,
I am also researching for the same i want to sign into my app with okta account. I have to sign into my application regardless of domain I am suspecting SAML will do it .Have you used the add on product that is “Inbound federation” or are you using some another way.Your help will be appreciated.

Thanks you.

Hi @Rey

You can use something like the following to modify the URL of the sign-up button

var signIn = new OktaSignIn({
    baseUrl: '',
	features: {
		registration: true
    el: '#widget-container'
}, function success(res) {
    if (res.status === 'SUCCESS') {
		document.location="" + res.session.token + "&redirectUrl=";
    } else {
        // The user can be in another authentication state that requires further action.
        // For more information about these states, see:
signIn.on('afterRender', function (context) {
	document.getElementsByClassName('registration-link')[0].setAttribute("onclick", "location.href=''");