Regarding User Activation Email -? user redirect


I am using okta widget to do Sign-in and Sign-up in my application. I am getting an issue when a user do Registration , it will send user an activation email, when user click on activation email and it redirect to 404 error page and also it show token invalid.
so Please let me know what is the solution of this issue or how to debug this issue to correct the problem of invalid token and 404 error as I am using Self-Service Registration feature from okta and also mentioned custom url for redirect in okta portal

Can you validate how long the activation token is valid for in your Org. The setting can be found at Security->General->Organization.

Are you using a custom domain URL for your Org?
Have you modified the activation email template found at Settings->Email & SMS Customizations->User Activation?

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The activation token is validate for 7 days, in self service registration, post -registration option , i change default redirect url to my custom url and no i didnt modify user activation template


Is your issue resolved?