Self-Service Registration has parameters in address bar

After successful user activation via email, the redirect urls sends them back to my webpage.
This is expected

the url in the address bar is:

and this creates an ERROR 400: redirect_uri not whitelisted error when i try to sign in

am i meant to do something with these parameters?

I had a similar issue; what ended up fixing it was to specify a redirectUri value in my OktaSignIn parameters when using the Okta signin widget.

Hope this helps!

@noahrama Is this an oidc app ? Could you paste the request that is erroring out (from browser developer tools, network tab) ?

If the /authorize request is erroring out with this error, then the redirect_uri that is passed in the /authorize (configured as part of widget or sdk) should be configured in the ‘LoginRedirectUri’ in application settings and also in the trusted origin (Security->API->Trusted Origins) with ‘Redirect’ option checked.