Re-direct to app after email verification (dynamic url)


This is similar to the other activation thread.


  1. User receives an email with a deep link to a specific page within a website
  2. User clicks deep link and is redirected to the Okta sign in page
  3. User does not have account so clicks the 'Okta ‘Don’t have an account? [Sign up]’ link to load the self service registration
  4. User is sent email to verify

Missing functionality:
After verification we want the user re-directed back to the exact deep link that they were originally intending to visit.

Currently having one generic activation email template for the whole of Okta won’t suffice.
We are using the Okta widgit, so really the widgit should allow a url to be input that can be appended as a parameter in the verification email that re-directs the user after successful verification.

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