Change Verify Email Redirect URL

I have an Ionic Capacitor application leveraging this schematics and using the Sign-in Widget to let users signup. After a user signs up, if they click “Verify Email” from a different device Okta gives users a 404 page or a blank page depending on the browser. It appears it wants to redirect back into the app via custom URL schema, but all I want is Verify Email to verify the email and redirect to our websites homepage.

Hi @zlannin

The best solution in this case would be to set up a custom link for the activation email from Admin >> Settings >> Email & SMS >> User Activation (if you are using the developer console, please hover over Developer Console on top left side of the screen and switch to Classic UI) to redirect to an endpoint like${activationToken}

On the /activate endpoint, you can take the value from the query parameter and activate the user using a query like the one available here.

Uhm, that doesn’t work well with developpement environment… Since the same templates are used for every application.

Do you have any suggestion for this? I have the same problem as Zlannin using the okta widget library.

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