Email activation link going to old URL?

I am using the okta javascript code to add a login to a website. I have an application setup with the urls etc… I successfully customize an email activation template and was able to go to my email and register successfully having the green button take me back to my website. I now set up a new application with a new URL and deactivated the other app but the registration email is still going to the previous URL.

How do I clear the ${registrationActivationLink} variable so it goes to my new app’s URL?



You must have appended the ${registrationActivationLink} with a fromURI= parameter in the email template which handles the redirect. The fromURI probably still has the old app url instead of the new one. If you are not appending fromURI in the template, have you configured a global default app for sign-in widget under Settings -> Customization?

Thanks for the assistance. I was able to find the area with the help from Okta support.
Under “Classic UI” -> Directory->Self-Service Registration. At the bottom under Post-Registration is a Custom URL entry where the URL lives for email activation.