Email Self Service ${registrationActivationLink}

The email activation link ${registrationActivationLink} used to redirect to my webpage, with parameters, such as:

but now it goes to

The information suggested in Expression Language for Activation templates, most notably, under “Registration - Activation”:


Doesnt work. This is for an SSO

Thank you

What is the name of the template are you attempting to modify?

I was editing
Registration - Activation

I am not sure whether this has anything to do with me updating the Sign-in Widget to latest version?

With ${registrationEmailVerificationLink} in place, you see the second format as the url the users are sent (/tokens/xxxxxxx/verify)? When did you see the other version, before you customized the email or could it be from a different email template?

i cannot put ${registrationEmailVerificationLink} in the activation form

If im using SSO, and okta is my providing auth for me, shouldnt the email redirect to:
and not

Looks like this template has a different variable than the one you are trying to use. Can you use ${registrationActivationLink} instead?

This is the problem,

${registrationActivationLink} is sending people to

and i dont have that endpoint

Hmm, this is strange. Can you open a support case to get further assistance/