How to redirect back to a custom app after a user has set their password

Can anyone tell me how to redirect a user who has been setup without credentials back to a custom app after they have specified a password and recovery question?

My app has a feature that allows a user to create an account on behalf of someone else (ie, inviting someone to the app, similar to adding a team member in Asana or Trello etc.). The backend (.Net Core) creates a user without credentials using the .NET SDK as outlined below:

 oktaUser = await _oktaClient.Users.CreateUserAsync(new CreateUserWithoutCredentialsOptions
                    // User profile object
                    Profile = new UserProfile
                        FirstName = model.Name,
                        LastName = model.Name,
                        Email = model.Email,
                        Login = model.Email                         
                    Activate = true                     

When the user navigates to the app they are redirected to the hosted login in page and then onto a page asking them to set a password and recovery question, once completed the user is taken to the Okta dashboard. This is confusing for the user and not a great experience.

How can I redirect them back to my app after they have set their password and recovery question? (given that I am not using the Self-Service Registration widget)

Any help would be great.

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I’ve got the same issue. Anyone got a suggestion?

Hi @AdamM @jelroddev

The use-case has been also discussed in the topic below.