Create Activated User without Credentials Flow issue okta api




I have been able to create a new activated user without credentials using okta api {{url}}/api/v1/users?activate=true. So once the user is created and activated since activate is true, the user receives an email. Once the user clicks on the reset password/activate account link, this link brings him to a page where he creates his password etc and clicks a button Create Account. This is where the button, instead of redirecting the user to my app routes him to the following url where it asks the user to add apps link below.

Is there a way after the user creates the password and clicks on this button the user can be redirected to my app url for e.g: or for now http://localhost:3000/home.




So here is what you do.

Create a bookmark app in Okta with redirection link. Go to the app and take the relative url from
Embedded app.

If you using Okta activation email template. Append the activation link with ?fromURI=


Hi Krish, Thanks for the note. Is there documentation that you can point me to create bookmark app in the developer console?


Hi @mraible would you be able to point me to any documentation on how to avoid the problem I described. Thanks in advance.


You might have to switch to the Classic UI (in the top left corner). Here’s a help article about creating bookmark apps.