Cannot Login to Okta Developer Console and app login redirect links throws 404 Page not found

I tried creating a bookmark app from the admin console so that when new users that click on the activation link can be redirected to my application at http://localhost:3000/home. But once I did that the activation link throws a 404 Page not found. Now I cant even login to my developer console or even login to my app. 404 still occurs even after deleting the Bookmark App.

How do I resolve this?

Thanks in advance.

The 404 error is resolved now. However I cannot wrap my head around one thing.

A new user signs up with the following info from the angular front end. firstName, lastName, email, login and mobilePhone.

This data is received at my nodejs backend and below is what I am using for creating the new user with okta nodejs sdk.

const okta = require('@okta/okta-sdk-nodejs');

const client = new okta.Client({
  orgUrl: '',
  token: '{{mytoken}}'    // Obtained from Developer Dashboard
});'/usersignupokta', function(req,res){
  var newUser = {
                  profile: {
                    firstName: req.body.profile.firstName,
                    lastName: req.body.profile.lastName,
                    login: req.body.profile.login,
                    mobilePhone: req.body.profile.mobilePhone,

  client.createUser(newUser).then(user => {
            console.log('Created user', user);
  }).catch((err) => console.error(err));

At this point I can see in okta developer console and in my node app console that the new user has been created and has received the activation email. The activation link in the email is something like this.

I am using the User Activation email template where the code for the activation link is as below.

<a href="${activationLink}" id="reset-password-link">${activationLink}</a>

Once the user clicks on this link he is redirected to a screen where he sets his new password, security question and security image and clicks on Create My Account button. At this point I was hoping that the user would be redirected to my application home page http://localhost:3000/home but he gets redirected to where he sees the screen below.

Is there step by step guidance what needs to be done to get the user back to my application homepage and not get stuck at this other page?


Take a look at the discussion in this thread - Redirect to Login or Application After Activation

Hi @vijet I had already looked at that thread. Can this be achieved with bookmark apps, if yes how?
Refer to this thread - Create Activated User without Credentials Flow issue okta api


See my reply to your original thread: Create Activated User without Credentials Flow issue okta api

@aakashb I’ve just had the same issue with my developer console, and am only getting 404 errors. How did you resolve it?