Android OIDC Jetpack Compose OIDC Exception

I’m new to Android Development and trying to implement OKTA via browser w/ Android Jetpack Compose, following:

but I’m getting this exception with no leads:

com.okta.authfoundation.client.OidcClientResult$Error$OidcEndpointsNotAvailableException: OIDC Endpoints not available.

Any ideas?

I can hit my redirect url in a regular browser window.

hi @bucknejo can you confirm whether your configuration is set to use your Built In Org Auth server or a Custom Auth Server as the issuer? Try seeing if you can hit the well-known openid endpoint for that issuer. It should give you a response with your OIDC endpoints.

I’m seeing this response now:
{“errorCode”:“E0000015”,“errorSummary”:“You do not have permission to access the feature you are requesting”,“errorLink”:“E0000015”,“errorId”:“oaetsQm2Ly8T4KryJdEAx_kkw”,“errorCauses”:}
From this endpoint:

… with the same “OIDC Endpoints not available” exception when run through Android

I’m new to OKTA as well and not sure how I would confirm built-in auth server vs. custom auth server. Is there somewhere in the Okta UI I can check?

Try using this endpoint instead: This is the discovery/metadata endpoint for your built-in Org Authorization Server and does not require an additional license.

This endpoint worked!

Thank you!!!

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