Reasons for Oidc Endpoints Not Available Exception?

Hi I am using the okta-mobile-kotlin sdk. What are some reasons why I might get getting OidcEndpointsNotAvailableException? When pasting the discovery url in the web browser, it returns everything just fine.

If you check out the repo for this library, you can review the code that throws the error.

This seems to imply there’s a configuration issue, likely related to the issuer you provided.

What value have you provided for that and, if it includes /oauth2/default on the end, can you ensure that you are able to use the “Default” Custom Authorization Server in your org?

Hi thanks for the reply. The issuer is in the format of Yes I am able to use the default auth server by using a url in this format

Oh, its a completely separate custom AS then.

Just to be sure, does resolve for you as well (since that would be the well-known endpoint for the custom server ID you’ve configured for this SDK)?

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Hi thanks for the reply, yes that url resolves just fine as well. The endpoints fetched by both formats below are exactly the same.

Hmm… Is your device/emulator perhaps blocking this request out to Okta to get the OIDC endpoints?