Angular 13 okta library

I have an okta authentication library which works fine on its own but fails with below error when publishing the library to a Angular Project

This was not an issue previously when using Angular 11 with “@okta/okta-angular”: “3.0.1”, “@okta/okta-signin-widget”: “5.4.2”,

After upgrade to Angular 13 seeing below error

Chrome error “ERROR TypeError: (_okta_okta_signin_widget__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_1___namespace_cache || (intermediate value)(intermediate value)) is not a constructor”

Okta Angular library: (works fine on its own)
Angular 13,
@okta/okta-angular”: “^5.1.1”,
@okta/okta-auth-js”: “^6.3.0”,
@okta/okta-signin-widget”: “^6.2.0”,

Angular Project: (okta angular lib fails after npm publish and npm install)
Angular 13 with same dependencies installed