Angular App Results in 400 Error on Login


I’m working on this tutorial Use the Okta CLI to Quickly Build Secure Angular Apps | Okta Developer

I went through the steps successfully and now have the PKCE Flow w/ Okta Hosted Login Page showing.

I changed the values in the octa.env file like so:

Sign in Redirect URIs is set to: http://localhost:4200/login/callback

My application is active.

Self Service > Settings > Allow users to add org-managed apps is enabled

Applications > Assignments > Approval is set to not required

The issuer and client ID seem to be working. I’m convinced the 400 error is coming from the Okta UI settings.

Can anyone assist with this problem?
I’m totally baffled.

Thank you =)

Error is fixed and the Angular login is working. In the okta.env file I changed the issuer:

To: Security > API > Authorizations Server tab > Issuer URI

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