Angular Multiple projects

I have a multiple project angular application. And need to implement OKTA. Do we need to implement the code in all the projects or do we have a generic method to implement this.
Like to get sample code if possible.

Hi there @Jephthah !

Can you tell me a little more about your project setup?

Are each of the Angular projects separate apps that you deploy independently? Are they linked together in any way? Is this a micro frontend app? What sort of authentication flow are you hoping for with these projects?

Let us know, and let’s see if we can figure it out!

The above is the snap shot of our application. Inside Projects folder we are having several application and few are inter linked. Looking to implement redirect authentication

@alisaduncan : can you pls help us on this


You may want to try creating a fresh project as a point of comparison using our samples: GitHub - okta/samples-js-angular: samples-js-angular and then running that as a point of comparison to your already existing project to bring it in line with Okta. You can also use our samples to build off of to create apps using one of our walkthroughs: Add user authentication to your Angular app | Okta Developer