Angular Okta-hosted-login example building error


Last year, before July, I migrated a login process for an Angular application to Okta. It never went to production due to some internal topics of my company.
Now I resumed it and when I build the application with ng build, I’m getting the next error

Warning: Support was requested for IE 11 in the project’s browserslist configuration. IE 11 support is deprecated since Angular v12.
For more information, see Angular
⠋ Generating browser application bundles (phase: setup)…__dirname: C:\gitrepositorypom\xxxx
:heavy_check_mark: Browser application bundle generation complete.
Error: node_modules/@okta/okta-auth-js/lib/idx/remediators/EnrollPoll.d.ts:23:5 - error TS2416: Property ‘getValuesAfterProceed’ in type ‘EnrollPoll’ is not assignable to the same property in base type ‘Remediator’.
Type ‘() => unknown’ is not assignable to type ‘() => RemediationValues’.

Type ‘unknown’ is not assignable to type ‘RemediationValues’.
23 getValuesAfterProceed(): unknown;

So I decided to clone the Okta Angular example from GitHub - okta/samples-js-angular: samples-js-angular. Once it is clone I do npm install and ng build for the okta-hosted-login example and I’m getting the same error

My knowledge of Angular is quite limited as this application is the only one Angular application I worked with.

Can anyone help me with this error?

I’m developing in Windows with Node.js v16.13.2.


Please check Okta Sign-In Widget and Angular Tutorial not working - Bugs - Okta Developer Forums