Angular sign in with Google

Hi I have generated a href="{{}}/oauth2/v1/authorize?idp={{}}&client_id={{}}&response_type=id_token&response_mode=fragment&scope=openid&redirect_uri=http://localhost:3000/login/callback&state=WM6D&nonce=YsG76jo">sign in with google

Its working fine but how can i integrate this with Angular application and read token and other user info.

Please suggest me


Hi there! It really depends how customized you want your application to be. If you’re willing to use our Angular SDK we do a lot of the heavy lifting for you - particularly in the OktaCallbackComponent.

A good starting point, though, may be to get our Angular sample apps up and running and adding idps to the widget config in:


If you have no need for the widget you can kind of work backwards from there using our docs as a guide.