OAuth2 with OIDC implementation in AngularJs

Hi ,
I am working on Angular JS application. Please help me and let me know how to implement this OAuth2 with OIDC authorization process. Please share any sample/reference code availabe in AngularJs.

Are you using AngularJS or Angular? AngularJS is the old version of Angular that’s barely supported by Google. We do have support for Angular. See the following:

You can also use our Okta CLI to create an Angular sample for you:

okta login
okta start angular

Thank you for Angular application support update. But I am using AngularJs (older version) application only and this implementation using okta is not supported in AngularJs ?

You should be able to use a 3rd party library that supports OIDC, such as https://github.com/michaelschnyder/oidc-angular. We don’t have any Okta official libraries that support Angular JS.

Thank you so much for your input. I am able to configure okta url and on authentication to okta using that third party library, Can you please help me to know how to manage state and nonce configuration with that library.

I wish I could, but I’ve never used it before. I’d suggest posting an issue in the project’s GitHub repo and asking there. You could also try posting a question on Stack Overflow. But don’t do it both places, that’s just mean. :wink:

Ok Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: