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I was wondering how /where can I get the info for setting up Angular SPA with sign on method as SAML.
I switched on to the classic UI , but it lets you create a new application with sign on method as SAML only in case of Web platform .

Our front end is built in Angular, when I go Okta UI to create a new application in Okta and select the Platform as Single Page App (SPA) it shows the sign on method as OpenID Connect only. So is there a way to use SAML also in case of Angular/SPA or the OpenID connect is the only option.



I also have the same requirement to implement, just checking if you were able to find any solution related to implementing SAML for Angular 5

I got the response that it is not supported, so you have to go for OpenID connect. I am copying below the response

Thank you for reaching out to Okta Support, my name is — and I’ll be handling your case.
I checked available documentation and some outside sources, it would seem that Angular SPA with SAML is not a supported configuration.
Here are the articles that I found, hopefully it helps in some way:

Please let me know if you have any questions or if it is ok to close this specific ticket.
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Let me also know if you find something interesting?

@pchh @alicehelen84 SAML as a Authentication Protocol requires a backend server - the reason why a backend server is required is because the SAML Protcol requires POST as http verb to transmit data between the Identity Provider and the Service Provider.
There is absolutely no reason why you would not use Angular as your frontend technology, but you also need to add a backend technology, even NodeJS, so it can handle the paths specific to the SAML Authentication protocol, and eventually emit the session cookie which can be used by Angular to determine that the user is authenticated.
There is absolutely no limitation in terms of how you determine the authenticated state in your Angular application, is just you must also have a backend server.

Adrian Lazar,
Developer Support Engineer
Okta Global Customer Care

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