Angular with SAML



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I was wondering how /where can I get the info for setting up Angular SPA with sign on method as SAML.
I switched on to the classic UI , but it lets you create a new application with sign on method as SAML only in case of Web platform .

Our front end is built in Angular, when I go Okta UI to create a new application in Okta and select the Platform as Single Page App (SPA) it shows the sign on method as OpenID Connect only. So is there a way to use SAML also in case of Angular/SPA or the OpenID connect is the only option.




I also have the same requirement to implement, just checking if you were able to find any solution related to implementing SAML for Angular 5


I got the response that it is not supported, so you have to go for OpenID connect. I am copying below the response

Thank you for reaching out to Okta Support, my name is — and I’ll be handling your case.
I checked available documentation and some outside sources, it would seem that Angular SPA with SAML is not a supported configuration.
Here are the articles that I found, hopefully it helps in some way:

Please let me know if you have any questions or if it is ok to close this specific ticket.
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Let me also know if you find something interesting?