Help me to Custom Design Okta SAML angular application

Hi Team,

I need to create new angular application with Okta SAML authentication only. It is possible to integrate Okta SAML with angular? please provide me some reference code base to integrate it.

Hello @yashrajmandloi2,

Our Angular SDK uses OpenID Connect: Sign in to your SPA with the embedded Okta Sign-In Widget | Okta Developer and that is the configuration we support at Okta.

That said, it is possible to configure Angular to use SAML, but you will need to set up a Back End to handle the SAML Assertions. There is some discussion of this here: Angular with SAML - #4 by pchh as well as here: How to integrate Okta SignIn widget and SAML SSO with a Angularjs SPA? - Stack Overflow that you can use for ideas on how to set this up.