SAML Integration


I have an angular 6 application which authenticates user using OKTA openID with Okta sign in Page. Now, i want to change the the authentication mechanism from OpenID to SAML using the same Okta sign in Page. But, looks like I am unable to find proper documentation or examples where I could get some reference. First of all I would like to know whether is it possible to do so? or not.

Please do help me by replying to this thread.


Hi akshdeep,

If I understand your situation correctly, currently your angular 6 application is using an Okta OpenID client app for authentication. So users go to your app, initiate OpenID for authentication, Authenticate with Okta (Sign-in to Okta), and are then authenticated into your app.

If this is right. then you will need to set up a new SAML app in Okta and integrate it with your angular 6 app. Make sure to set your app up for SP initiated sign-on. Assign the same users to this new SAML app.

The flow should be the same. Users in your app initiate authentication (Sign-in) they are redirected to Okta where they will need to Sign-in if they aren’t already, Okta sends the SAML assertion back to your app and they are signed it.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if the situation is different.


@akshdeep, had you able to change the authentication mechanism from OpenID to SAML 2.0?