Any limitations using Groups with SCIM 1.1?

We’re building an application in Okta that is backed by a SCIM 1.1. API. The application is working well when users are directly added, updated, and unassigned, and we see expected calls against our API.

We’re not having the same level of joy working with Groups. Adding the application and some users to a group does not generate any interactions with our API.

Does Okta have any restrictions on SCIM 1.1 and groups (i.e. only SCIM 2.0 is supported)? Should we expect to see immediate API calls when adding users to a group (that is associated with our app) after saving, as we do when adding a user directly to an app?

Thanks for reading.

We have discussed the issue. Sharing for the greater good :man_teacher:

Our application’s user profile contains a few custom attributes. While experimenting with different configurations, we set two custom boolean fields, with no mapping to the Okta profile, to be required. Adding users to the group caused Okta validation errors (no value for required fields), which prevented any API interactions. Okta’s validation error did not present itself immediately but was discovered later while reviewing another view - I think the app’s People tab, red “!” next to the people with errors.

Glad to be passed that issue. Onward!


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