API endpoint Policies and pagination

Hello, I found 2 descriptions of endpoint policies, what is the difference between these resources?

I ran into a problem when I tried to use the limit parameter for /api/v1/policies.
it looks like pagination of the response does not work, but one of the documentations describes

The latter documentation is from our newer docs site (where we’ve added code examples for each request) and we’re slowly moving content from the old site to the new site.

If you don’t include the limit, how many policies do you get back from Okta? If you do include the limit, what happens instead?

Well happens to me too. With an account with more than policies the limit seems to be ignored and the link to the next is always the last policy return. So if I have loop going over the policies till next is null like in users I get stackoverflow.
Is that removed from the API?
Please advice

If you are still seeing this behavior, I recommend filing a Support Case so that one of our support engineers can review your environment, how you are making your calls, and otherwise provide you further assistance.