List Users Java API

Hi Team,

I just wanted to know how much performance hit does /users endpoint consumes, as we hit this api multiple times in order to sort the list in pagination implementation.

Basically, our approach is to call the API on every page click so that we get the cursor of the next page and we can achieve pagination. But here is a catch, Okta fetches all the items while returning the cursor, so I just wanted to know is there any major performance hit while calling the whole list again and again.

I mean, you could potentially run into a rate limit violation if you’re hitting the /users endpoint more than 600 times a minute

Thanks for the confirmation on the rate limiting options available.

Our concern is mainly on the list api getting called multiple times, and sort getting applyied on top of it each time the page number in clicked specially when the total number of the users getting listed is very high. As per the link (Users | Okta Developer) we have gone through the performance optimization approach but we wanted to know other perfomrmance impact.

Please confirm on the perfomrmance impact when the number of the users are high.