Api for OKTA change history

Hi Team,
We have some custom attributes at the okta user level which are accessible from different applications & every application has an option for all CRUD operations on these attributes.

Question is - we need to get the okta user change history using the api, so we can display the change history in one of the applications.

Please share which api, endpoint can use for our requirement.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Vishwa,

The best place to go for history of these operations using API is likely going to be the System Logs API: System Log | Okta Developer

You can use this to list history and narrow by filters and event types, and narrow it further by additional event types for what you need to find, such as app.user_management for provisioning to applications: Event Types | Okta Developer


Thanks for your response.
Our requirement is at a time display given one user history.

I ran a query in postman {{url}}/api/v1/logs?q=00u1b4fc0h********** (okta id passed to q=). I am getting some data. For example I changed the first name of okta user then I could see one of the events logged core.user.config.profile_update.success.

Question 1: we need to know what data was changed such information I could not determine in the api response. (like old firstname data & new firstname data)
Question 2: okta user is created months back but I could see the change history of the last 2 days only.


HI Daniel,
Any update on the question…?