API Token and users/**/appLinks problem

I created API token using Super Admin account.
And I use that token to fetch on backend another user’s appLinks to show that links to user on my site (even user don’t have active okta session):

But unfortunately on response I see only very limited list of apps (as I understand an intersection of it’s apps and global assigned apps) instead of all from:

Does anyone have suggestions? Is that a bug or feature?

To add to the description above, here is the scenario

We have two users “A” and “B” each with 10 apps assigned
Both users are super admins
We have an offline application that will use a token generated through the admin console to get assigned apps via /api/v1/users//appLinks

  • When we create token as user “A” and execute AppLinks, I see all 10 apps. But execute with user “B”, I only see 5 apps
  • With the reverse, when we create the token with user “B” and execute AppLinks, I see all 10 apps (saw only 5 above with other token). But execute with user “A”, I only see 5 (saw all 10 above with other token)

We are expecting for any token generated by a super admin, that when we run appLinks API call, we get back all the Assigned Links for a user

Hi @johnreynolds123

Can you please open a support ticket with us at support@okta.com in order to have this issue further investigated?