User API - appLinks returns 0 results

Hello, I am new to Okta and trying to get the APP links for my user ID - using User API using my developer account. I have assigned 2 apps to myself. When I tried the following API calls, got a 200 response but 0 results (blank array) for applications.

Please advice!

Hm, where did you find that me is accepted instead of user id?

/users/me will also work, but it will only generate the desired outcome if either a) the user currently has an active Okta session (such as by navigating to that link in the browser after completing primary authentication) or b) you are trying to get the appLinks for an admin user whose API token you are supplying to make that call

@rnethi Does /users/me/appLinks work if you try the request in the browser as I described? The second URL you indicated using appears to be missing a userId. Do you see the same result if you include the userId (as is done in our Postman Collection)?

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