/api/v1/users/<userid>/clients does not return client(s) for a particular user

I was able to generate a bearertoken and refresh token for my user. But calling /api/v1/users//clients does not return any client. Just an empty http 200 response.
However, the other user I was using works just fine.
I verified the user profile for both of users by calling /api/v1/users/ and comparing the json response. Nothing seems to be odd between the two.
So I did an experiment, I tried to edit the user profile for that user that is not working, just edit and without changing anything I just clicked saved. I then created a bearertoken and refresh token once again. And lo and behold, /api/v1/users//clients now returns a client in the response.
Why is this so? Please advice

For the user with nothing returned, did they have any active (unexpired) grants or tokens when you tested?

When you tested again after touching their user profile, were you logged into Okta as the user?

For the user with nothing returned, yes there is an active token/refresh token.
To answer the 2nd question, I was logged in as an admin when I touched the non-working user profile.

Hmm… What kind of admin permissions do you have?

btw, this is in our dev instance. I have an admin user that I can use to manage things in that environment.
so going back to my initial question, /api/v1/users/clients did not return any clients even after I am able to create a bearer token/refresh token. But once I went to the user’s profile and simply clicking the “save” button without changing anything, /api/v1/users/clients now returns a client in the response.

This may need more investigation to see if there’s something wrong with this endpoint. I’d recommend opening a Support Case so that someone can review your org, configurations, and your reproduction steps.