App Integration - scim2.0 OAuth2


I want to add my app to the OIN, and as part of scim 2.0, in the Oauth2 as authentication mode.
there is place to put :

  1. Token endpoint (ex:
  2. Authorize endpoint (ex:

Is it ok if my token endpoint and my authorize endpoint in a different region ?
token endpoint =
authorize endpoint =

doest Okta support that ? thank you very much.

Out of curiosity - why would the domain be different? As per the spec, these endpoints are published by the Authorization server and provided as part of the openid_configuration document. And usually the authorization server will use (single) domain known to it when constructing openid_configuration document. For example,

This is the current condition, I know it is not ideal. I just want to know if it supports different domain before I will do extra work.
please I will be happy to get answer for that.