Endpoint to update OAuth Bearer Token within provisioning ->Integration App

Hello Folks
I am trying to update OAuth Bearer Token within SCIM

provisioning ->Integration App for a existing configuration from my code using api endpoint

it responds to 200 Ok always but it actually does not update the config.

Is the {{url}}/admin/app/scim2testapp/instance/{{appId}}/settings/user-mgmt correct?

I am not seeing details about this api endpoint/usecase under Apps | Okta Developer

please help me with correct approach.

Is your SCIM server able to confirm whether you’re still receiving the same token? I believe it looks the same visually as a form of security.

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thanks @warren for your response.

basically i want to update the API integration with a new bearer token using same okta provisioning app
& SCIM 2.0 base url. So, jst token would be re-generated by SCIM 2.0 base url service.