How to enable api integration under provision tab of scim 2.0 header app

I am trying to enable api integration under provisioning section of a SCIM 2.0 Header auth app.
How do I do this using Okta python sdk?
Doc link: Configure provisioning for an app integration | Okta

SCIM provisioning is designed to be used with a SCIM server, so the app integration will only ask for the information it needs to create a connection using the SCIM protocol (including the SCIM endpoint URL and the auth needed to access the server). It is not compatible with non-SCIM integrations.

I am adding a SCIM 2.0 header auth OIN application.
Under provision settings, I am enabling API integration and providing the SCIM endpoint url and the auth needed to access the server. This part is clear to me.

My question: I am doing this via UI. How can I achieve the same using API’s.

Ah, I see what you’re saying, sorry for the confusion.

Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to configure the provisioning settings via API. If you use our Okta Ideas portal, you can find a feature request for exactly that here:

Ah, Thanks for the quick reply.

Could you confirm if this is the case for push groups feature also.
I could not find any relevant API doc for push group

That’s correct, there is no public endpoint for push groups